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Aluminum VS Glass Fencing: Which One Is Really Better for Pool Area?

Fencing is always considered as one of the cheapest yet effective methods for protecting a property. The best feature of the fencing is that it can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. But, the modern fences are designed for the purpose of not only protecting the external aspects of a home but also from inside.

You must be thinking how fencing can be used in the internal part of the house. Well, if you have a pool in your home then you will understand what we are talking about. The pool sometimes becomes dangerous for the little ones and parts of the house.

Glass Fence

There is always a possibility of accidents with an open pool area. To protect any kind of misfortunate incident from occurring, you can use the fences. There are mainly two types of fencing used by the people, i.e. aluminium and glass fencing. People often get confused during the selection of the fences between these two.

So, here we will help you to understand which one is better for the pool area. This will make you select the right one for your home. Just go through the content given below for the purpose selecting the right fencing for your pool area.

Comparison between the aluminium and glass fencing

Aluminium fencing

The aluminium is known as one of the strongest metal. So, it is perfect for the security reason like fencing. It has the capacity to withheld any external impact easily and protect the property where it is installed. There are varieties of designs available for the aluminium fencing. You can choose from their wide range of varieties. But, when it comes to the protection of the internal part of the home, it is not much effective. It is often noticed that the aluminium fences get damaged due to the salt water of the pool. The hinges, screws and other accessories also get damaged due to this reason. So, it is not much effective when it comes to the protection of the pool.

The pool in a home not only used for luxury but also for the aesthetics too. A pool enhances the aesthetics of the home and also improves the resale value. But, aluminium fencing does not come in varieties of choices when we are talking about the style and looks. So, it can damage the aesthetics of the pool.

Glass Fence Australia

Glass fencing

The glass fencing is not given much of the importance when it comes to the protection of the external part of the home. But, if we are talking about the pool area, it is loaded with tons of benefits. Here are some of the points that you can read to know about the benefits of glass fencing.

  • The glass fences are mostly present in frame-less designs for the pool area. It is attached with the spigots at the base which provide it proper support. So, the aesthetics enhance with its installation.
  • The glasses are highly durable and the salt water has no effect on it. Even the spigots are made of stainless steel and are highly durable. They are immune from the effects of the weather and pool water and do not get rusted.
  • The maintenance cost of the glass fences is much lower than the other fences. A simple cleaning with glass washing powder is enough to keep it shiny and attractive.

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